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The tapp team consists of 3 friends with MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering, linked together by 9 years of close friendship and 5 years of intensive study. Among other things, we are united over design and technology. From the very first time that we immersed ourselves in these worlds, we knew that we wanted to create our own ideas and contribute to society with our particular vision.

The most important reason why we decided to embark on this adventure and create tapp was that, from our point of view, mobile apps propose a whole new vision of the world and a perfect new way to experiment in it.

Society changes and its proposals are different every day. We know this, so we are always open to learning from the world, and to listen to our clients in order to satisfy their needs in the best way possible.

Each client and project are unique for us, and so we always start as if it were the first one, approaching it with the same enthusiasm but with the added experience we have from our previous work.

At tapp, all our apps are specially crafted for each client, and they always follow our design line.